Seared Wild Salmon & Scallions

Seared Wild Salmon & Scallions

I usually buy wild sockeye salmon frozen. Maybe due to my years spent in a small upstate NY town where there were few grocery shopping options, too often when I got all excited and bought some “fresh” at the fish counter it was less than fresh at best.

Now I only want it fresh from my freezer : )

Here I sprinkled thawed filets liberally with ground black pepper and seared it, flesh side down for about 3 minutes, in a ceramic-coated nonstick skillet with refined coconut oil. Added a couple of sliced scallions and let them brown in the pan at the same time. Turned off the heat before the fish was cooked completely through and let it sit another minute to finish cooking.

Refined coconut oil has a higher smoke point than virgin coconut oil so you can cook with it at higher temps. Also it doesn’t have a coconut flavor or aroma like the virgin oil does.

Serve this with lightly steamed vegetables tossed with a little more coconut oil or butter, or a big salad dressed with olive oil and lemon, and you’ve got a 5 minute dinner on the table.

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