Quick School Morning Breakfast

Quick School Morning Breakfast

We don’t eat paleo / primal 100% of the time, but I do try to give Magpie as many of these types of meals as possible without “labeling” them for her. Just infusing healthy eating habits into her daily routine.

Eggs are always an easy protein for breakfast, but she’s been burned out on them lately.

So, what to make for a school morning power breakfast when the kids don’t want straight-up eggs? Here’s her current favorite. She helps me make this almond flour banana walnut bread which makes it even more fun for her to eat. Sometimes we’ll make almond flour apple spice muffins or carrot raisin muffins for variety. Right now we’re both hooked on our banana walnut bread. She loves the spicy flavor of this natural, uncured pepperoni, but you could opt for a milder salami or even an organic chicken sausage if your kiddo’s palate prefers.


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