Strawberry Kisses

Strawberry Kisses

Look at these little darlings!

They’re vegan, gluten free, grain free, sugar free, bla bla bla, and so tasty that even your friends and family who don’t give a crap about any of that will LOVE them.

I took this to a business networking potluck last night. As it’s getting close to Independence Day (a.k.a. berry season in the northeast!) I thought something red, white & blue would be fun. At the end of the evening there was plenty of leftovers, lots of cookies and brownies and dessert-y things.. And some deli platters were half-gone…

These little morsels were completely devoured, save a couple of lonely stray blueberries.

Interestingly, the other foods that were completely gobbled up throughout the evening were a platter of baked chicken thighs with a pesto topping and a tray of homemade mediterranean meatballs with tzatziki. This wasn’t a “paleo potluck” or a “primal potluck”, just a classic potluck social. Real food, people. It’s what we all crave, whether we’re conscious of it or not!

Okay, back to our red white and blue.. Cashew date creme is not quite white, more like a rustic beige, but it does the trick : )


Note: if you want a sweeter cashew date creme adjust the ratios of nuts to fruit to be more like 50/50. This makes a lightly sweet creme. Dates can vary too, if you have smaller, drier ones as opposed to a larger, more plump variety it will affect how much you need to use to get the level of sweetness you want.

*Make your own, or buy a high-quality one, watch out for brands with too many additives (such as carrageenan, made from a seaweed, sounds harmless enough but some people are quite sensitive to it)

Soak the cashews and dates in cool water for an hour. Drain and use a small food processor or good blender to puree along with the other ingredients. I used my immersion blender with corresponding measuring cup style container and it worked great! Add the almond milk in small doses and blend again each time, just until you get a nice creamy consistency, similar to cream cheese frosting. Too much almond milk and your mixture will be delicious but too runny to hold its shape.

The blending process makes the mixture kind of warm. So chill the finished creme for an hour in the freezer to get it nice and firm.

I used a pastry bag to pipe the creme onto the halved strawberries. Garnished with a couple blueberries and.. done!

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